This year there have been a lot of great application for android free and some apps standout then other.Considering and comparing some of these application and by testing the result have been made by us.Other than these apps were also good but in some aspect these apps overcome the performance and quality.So,let us go through Top 10 android apps for free in 2020.

Here are top 10 android apps for 2020.

1.Photoshop camera :

Now this app is available on Android and to be honest we are using this app for approximately 3 months and we just left the optimisation and the customisations we can do in this app in the app you can shoot a new photo or choose the one from your library it auto enhances the pay the moment you open it and then at the bottom you have the lenses from here you can try different lenses.

top 10 android apps

For example : this app auto suggest the portrait lenses when you open a photo with people in it and here you can try different lenses you can also add more lenses which are created by other users and we must say that some of the lenses and the optimisation is wonderful and in just few clicks you can have an amazing looking picture the best part about this app is the night modes here ,  in just couple of minutes you can edit and make this photo look amazing  so overall Photoshop camera is a perfect photo editing app for beginners.For this fantastic feature this ranks no 1 at Top 10 android apps for free in 2020.

2.Quick timer :

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Quick timer is the best way to use pre-set timers on your phone and instead of setting them manually you can choose the pre-set timers and save time with the help of quick timer you get access to useful timers right on the main screen you don’t have to type or manually input the timer just select the timer you want and start in the UI is simple and you also get to see the recent timers on the top of the home screen you can also add your own timers and believe us, we use timers a lot for some tasks and this app was really Helpful the design is minimalistic with basic option which does the job pretty good overall if you’re tired of putting manual timers then download this app right now in the free version you get the pre-set timers as well as two custom timers.

3.Playlist mania :

android app for free

If you like discovering new music then the playlist mania will help you to find user created playlists the app is really simple to use then you have lot of playlists available here but the main thing is the cross-platform support if you use Spotify or Deezer then believe me you will love this app as you can convert your playlists between these two platform so with this you can convert your Deezer playlists to Spotify and start enjoying your favourite music Deezer is not available in India but for other users we find playlist mania a wonderful way to share and convert playlists to your favourite music streaming platform we would love to see Amazon music and YouTube music support in this and if the developer adds it then this will make this app even better.

4.True amps :

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True amp activate the charging animation when your device is charging something similar to Xiaomi devices the animations look wonderful and you have few options to choose from so basically you get this charging animation when the device is charging and will deactivate when the device is unplugged the app is perfect for AMOLED screen as it offers you always-on display apart from the charging animation you can also see the notifications on the charging screen and we really find them useful as in just one glance we can see the battery status as well as new notifications on the charging screen this app consumes very low resources and uses 0% CPU so there will be no impact on the performance of your phone you can also customise the app furthermore with weather charging time etc overall if you’re into customisation then definitely check out this app.

5.Pro screens :

free app for 2020

Android phones are the best when it comes to customisation, people love customising forms in form of wallpaper widgets and so on even on my home screen we like a neat or people with a widget on it but ,if you want to take it to the next level then pro screens is the app for you pro screens as the name suggests brings you the latest home screen setups you will see new home screen setups every day .

this app have proper details for each of the home screen setup which includes the wallpaper app launcher and the widget details personally , we find this app really good and it inspires us to customise my phone even more most of the home screen setups are submitted by the users apart from the home screen setups it can also see the backgrounds and I find them pretty good there is also a telegram group of this app where user talk about the home screen setups and submit new ideas while we are talking about telegram guys are also on telegram now.

6. Kagaz :

Top 10 app for android

kagaz is an alternate app to the cam Scanner which recently got banned in India this app is an easy scanner which turns your phone camera into a PDF scanner so the app is simple to use just open the camera click a picture and the app auto detects the content or it can also manually select the area and then here you can choose the output according to your requirement which is normal grayscale magic etc the quality of the scanned documents is pretty good and it can easily share the PDF files via email and social media this app is 100% free and really simple to use there are no watermark and no purchase required so overall if you’re looking for an easy to use PDF scanner application then do try out this app.

7. Cream :

Android app for 2020

Cream is a beautiful app with good collection of custom-made 4k smooth gradient wallpapers we personally like to keep my home screen neat and clean for daily usage with simple wallpaper and my first choice is smooth looking gradient wallpapers and this app offers you cool looking high quality gradient wallpaper for your phone after selecting the wallpaper you can apply the wallpaper from the app itself overall cream is really simple to use and a minimalist app to quickly give your phone on you look with these 4k gradient wallpapers.For this amazing features and great UI this ranks at 7 for our Top 10 android apps for 2020.

8.Type wise keyboard :

Android app for free in 2020

Do you know that QWERTY keyboards are based on old mechanical typewriter layout which is 140 years old and getting a good typing speed need lot of practice we have written between 80 to 90 words per minute and it took me years to achieve this speed but if you want to improve your typing speed on your phone then type wise is an innovative keyboard app which brings a new keyboard layout on a phone which will not only improve your speed but will also improve your accuracy.

So when you open the app you will go through the tutorial which will show you the basics and we have this X second keyboard layout in which keys are larger and much easier to hit so basically this keyboard offers lot of gestures for typing in capitals deleting text undo delete and many more but you get used to after some time the keyboard also supports different languages including the recently added English for Indian users we have been using this keyboard app on Android.

9.Gymnos vault:

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Gymnos vault is a smart and secure vault app which will help you to hide not-safe-for-work content also known as NSFW which many of us receives unknowingly through whats app books we have joined the app uses an engine to detect delicate photos and hide anything that is sensitive on your phone so basically if you have any photo or video which is personal then this app detects it and give you an option to hide them it’s smart and safe as everything is offline on your phone.

10.Z share :

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Z share is a file sharing application developed in India and it’s a wonderful alternate to the share it you can use other alternate such as files go but it doesn’t allow to shape apk between smartphone but Z share allows you to shave apk music files videos documents and so on the app is really simple to use just choose the send option here on this phone and create a hotspot connection and on the other phone you need to select the existing wireless connection and then scan the QR code displayed on the sender’s phone and that’s it now we can easily share and receive files with your friends and family there are no ads and the app is really user friendly so if you’re looking for a file sharing app then do give this app a try.

So that’s it guys these were the Top 10 android apps which you should check out on Play Store.

android app for 2020

Let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favorite android app of the year in the comment section.

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