Here we are starting with our blog series on “to overcome stress”.This is our Exercise no-2 for the series.

Affects of stress can go severe if not handled and not controlled properly on time.When we are in stress we face a lot of pain and to overcome those stress attacks. We have to do some physical and mental exercises.This will keep your mind peaceful and in relaxing state.

Overcome stress(Exercise No-2)


Meditation is a great exercise/activity reduce your overall stress.Meditation can help your brain release endorphins, natural pain relievers.By performing this exercise your brain can be in more calmer state and relaxtation of muscles, joints makes you feel better both physically and mentally so that we can feel less pain.

concentrated woman meditating in lotus pose on river shore

Meditation is focusing your attention on one thing for a period of time.

lifestyle medical expert Jane Ehrman, MEd.

One study showed that by doing mindfullness meditation can be more effective than drugs and surgery for lower-back pain.Meditation helps you to use your mind in more powerful and in controlled manner.

How to perform this exercise?

  1. Sit in neutral/comfortable position.
  2. Other variation: Lie down on ground without any interruptions.
  3. Close your eyes slowly and focus on breathe.
  4. Now the breathing rhythm is where you need to notice-your chest expanding and contracting.
  5. While taking deeper breaths,focus on your mind and let go all stress while your exhale slowly slowly.
  6. Perform this exercise daily for 15 minutes.

This exercise can be performed anywhere anytime for 15minutes daily and you will see results in weeks.Now this is how you can overcome stress and live a stress free life.There are many types of meditation ,you can look out for them and advance your level in meditation.

stress overcome

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