There was an update in pubg Chinese version few months ago on 17 June,2020 in its Beta version, and pubg mobile is all set to release the stable version globally. The user experience was upgraded and high graphics game play can blow one’s mind. As game starts the lobby has been completely changed by the adding whole new three slides in which player can perform various activities according to the slide. The UI has been changed drastically and the look so catchy that user wants to play more and more of it.

When will India get its Erangel 2.0 update?

As per our sources and pubg officials the date is not yet disclosed but it will be soon announced by pubg mobile in coming time. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates.

Overall, the experience of the new PUBG Erangel 2.0 update will be like a roller coaster ride which will dive you through amazing features and rich gameplay by the game. 

New features and updates in Erangel 2.0: 

Credits-pubg official

1)  Ultra HD Graphics: The main and the most solid feature of this new update is ULTRA HD Graphics and the level of detailing blows off the mind. This feature wasn’t there in earlier update due to lack of good graphics cards in mobile phones but now this isn’t the point. And so, the new setting is been added to the graphics menu which gives more realistic view to the game. The new ULTRA HD graphics setting also allows you to change the frame rate you want to experience in the game and as per your mobiles graphics card. The game now can be played at 90hz display for which the phone is supported. This setting is achieved in game and by not using any other third-party apps which forces your graphics card to play at extreme frame rate. 

2)Add-ons structures to some cities and land:


Now this is what every PUBG player is most awaited of the add-ons to the cities and land. This update basically adds new structure to buildings/houses in which the player can show their skills using those structure and killing enemies in more effective way that head towards a chicken dinner to the game. The new warehouse added opposite to the bridge where your squad/team can have a camping base right ahead of the bridge. 

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