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We will be talking about how we can reduce belly fat in just a week or ten days left , for her big day……the wedding day, how can she look slim fit and gorgeous in a wedding dress. So there are these some quick weight loss

tips which we can tell you about which will not only help you……to look slimmer but also to feel lighter and healthier for your big day.

Things you should do to look slim and fit?

So first is the Grocery list :

  • You need to purchase sprouts, they are available in the market.You can purchase moong sprouts or you can purchase mixed sprouts.
  • Second thing you need to purchase is the Triphala Churan. Triphala is basically an Ayurvedic herb which is available very easily all over the world.
  • You need to purchase wheat bran powder. Wheat bran is nothing but basically fibre of wheat and it is available in the market ,You also  need to purchase lots of fruits and you are ready to start.

Now starts the journey :

Day one you should do is ,you should try to have sprouts with very little salt and dash of lime for your lunch.

Breakfast you should have fruits.And for dinner you should try to have fruit salad without any salt.

Next day immediately you see that you would have lost a little bit extra water which was making you puffy and heavy.From that day on wards you should start having little bit of wheat bran along with Triphala powder.

Now wheat bran is like a bran so it is little rough to drink. What you can do is take one tea spoon of wheat bran and in that put little bit of aloe vera juice……about two table spoons of aloe vera juice and about half tea spoon of Triphala powder……and stir in with a lot of water and drink this at night before before going to bet.

Now how this effects is very interesting ??

Wheat bran will draw out the extra body water which is making you fluffy and……increasing your weight. The Triphala will actually help you detoxify. Detoxify your liver and give you glowing skin.

The aloe vera juice will put a firm coating…nice coating inside your intestine so if there is any toxic material stuck in your intestine…and it will be cleansed away along with the Triphala and the wheat bran.So this is like a magic combination which you can start.

So drink this every day all through the ten-days. Along with that when you have sprouts what it does is it gives you lots of fibre. Its also very satiating.Meaning that you can have it without too much salt.Just a little bit of salt and lemon juice.Which will make you satiated.At the same time you will feel full.You will not feel requirement for a lot of food or spicy food.You will not feel hypoglycemic.

Another thing which you can do which is very Helpful, is have a fruit and salad mix. But this is not a simple fruit and salad mix. What you do is chop one apple, two tomatoes, two small tomatoes, little bit of cucumber, along with that you can put little bit of boiled…..kala chana which is like black gram.Just boil it and put it in the salad.Add a dash of lemon. Little bit of honey now.

Why honey? Because honey is good for skin. Its also good for loosing water, body water. So like about one flat teaspoon of honey, little bit of lime juice to toss this entire salad mix in and just a pinch of salt. Not too much salt because you want to cut down on salt. This salad you start having for breakfast and for dinner.

Now why for breakfast and for dinner? Because you want to start your day with freshness which is good for your intestine which is good for your skin and which allows you to loose weight……without feeling faint without feeling tired and for dinner also because it is a natural way of detoxifying and loosing that extra body fat and body water.

Another thing which you can do is start having….

Either yoghurt or like yoghurt mixed with water like a smoothie like a fruit smoothie.But avoid yoghurt if you have water retention problem which is very severe. So this yoghurt smoothie you can have it around say 4 O’clock or around lunch time which will allow you to have more food but not put on weight.

Because it is very important that you keep decreasing little bit of weight, little bit of extra flab, and water and salt from your body so that you are just perfect on your big day…So every day you do this try to also measure yourself on the scale. Because your scales will tell you if you are doing it right or you are doing it wrong. Also make sure that you have little bit of milk in your diet.

Loose belly

Because cold milk will also prevent any acidity or any indigestion from coming up especially if you are used to drinking milk. But if you are not used to drinking milk it is all right you don’t have to drink it. For ensuring that the milk is not tasting like tasteless just put little bit of cinnamon powder in the milk……or what you can do is that put little bit of cardamom powder in the milk. Otherwise if you don’t like milk products you can have jasmine tea which is excellent for skin excellent for weight loss.

You can have other herbal teas which are excellent for weight loss. So when you do this over a period of say one week or ten days you will see that you definitely loose not only your weight but even your puffiness..….and you will be a glowing slim Gorgeous

woman in floral dress standing beside door

All the best beautiful women , we wish you for the best.


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