Factors affecting body by stress.

stress affecting body

We all feel stressed from time to time – it’s all part of the emotional ups and downs of life. Stress has many sources, it can come from our environment and from our bodies, or our own thoughts and how we view the world around us. It is very natural to feel stressed around moments of pressure such as exam time. Human being is physiologically designed to deal with stress, and react to it.This is how stress affects our body. Detail explanation down here..

So,here comes the question…How does stress affects our body?

When we feel under pressure the nervous system instructs our bodies to release stress hormones including adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. These produce physiological changes to help us cope with the threat or danger we see to be upon us. This is called the “stress response” or we can say the “fight-or-flight” response.

Stress can actually be positive, as the stress response help us stay alert, motivated and focused on the task at hand. Usually, when the pressure subsides, the body rebalances and we start to feel calm again. But when we experience stress too often or for too long, or when the negative feelings overwhelm our ability to cope, then problems will arise. Continuous activation of the nervous system – experiencing the “stress response” – causes wear and tear on the body.

When we are in stress, the respiratory system gets affected immediately. We tend to breathe harder and more quickly in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen-rich blood around our body. Although this is not an issue for most of us, it could be a problem for people with asthma who may feel short of breath and struggle to take in enough oxygen. It causes quick, shallow breathing, where minimal air is taken in, which can lead to hyperventilation. This is more likely if someone is prone to anxiety and panic attacks.

Stress affecting endocrine system..

The endocrine system also suffers. This system plays an important role in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism and reproductive processes. The hypothalamus is located in the brain and consequently it plays a key role in connecting the endocrine system with the nervous system. Stress signals coming from the hypothalamus trigger the release of stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. Then blood sugar (glucose) is produced by the liver for our body to provide energy to deal with the stressful situation. Most people reabsorb the extra blood sugar when the stress subsides, but for some people there is an increased risk of diabetes.

Stress can have some unpleasant gastrointestinal effects. In addition ,we might experience heartburn and acid reflux especially if we have changed our eating habits to eat more or less, or increased our consumption of fatty and sugary foods. We may experience stomach pain, bloating and nausea, diarrhoea or constipation,insomnia.

There can be problems with our reproductive systems too. For men, chronic stress may affect the production of testosterone and sperm. It may even lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence. Women can experience changes to their menstrual cycles and increased premenstrual symptoms.

Stress affects to body includes:

Common responses to stress: 

  • Aches and pains
  • Decreased energy and sleep
  • Feelings of anxiety, anger, and depression
  • Impatience
  • Forgetfulness

Overcome stress:

counselling a stressed woman
  • Build a strong support system

Research suggests that having a strong support network. Being married and having someone you can talk to ,trust to reduce your stress level is type of network needed.

Even religion can reduce your stress level and your risk of heart disease.

If you already have heart disease, this same network can help reduce your risk for heart attack. Having at least one person you can rely on and as a result however it takes a heavy burden off you and provides comfort.

In conclusion, A strong support system helps you take better care of yourself, too. Research shows that a lack of social support increases the chance of engaging in unhealthy behaviors like smoking, eating a high-fat diet, and drinking too much alcohol.

To know, how to release stress from body ||quickly.

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