Ganesh chaturthi/Ganpati festival is full ten day festive celebrated in BHARAT (INDIA)& many countries. 
A symbol of knowledge and better luck, Lord Ganapati is most worshiped Hindu God 
Families ready to welcome their loved Lord with decorations and an array of sets, particularly the 
signature mithai – modak. 
This is all over idea of ganpati festival.

Why do we celebrate Ganpati festival?


In 1893, revolutionary rebel Lokmanya Tilak urged the indians to 
celebrate Hindu Ganesh Chaturthi. His main motive was to drill the sensation of loyalty among folks at a time once British discouraged social gatherings.

Eco-friendly Ganpati celebration :

Use Eco Friendly Ganesh idol: As going eco-friendly is the new mantra, say no to idols made from chemical, Plaster of paris (PoP), clay, plastic, thermocol (polystyrene). prefer natural, perishable material so when immersions (visarjan) it doesn’t contaminate water and surroundings. Natural product may be used to create the idol like unbaked clay, coconut, paint with natural colors, etc. 
Limit Size and variety of Ganesh Idols in your community: larger size idols take abundant house. the peak of the Ganesh idol ought to be restricted most to five feet or one.5 meters. instead of keeping the idol for exhibition, the rituals of the competition ought to be performed properly. large idols additionally consume additional clay or POP for its creating, adding additional waste to surroundings. it’s troublesome for immersion additionally because it takes time for dissolving in water and generally it doesn’t dissolve hurting pain people’s sentiments. It additionally ends up in traffic jam and troublesome to move. 

Eco-friendly Ganpati Decoration Home ideas/tips:

1.ENEGRY SAVING DECORATION – We must decorate with (Ornamental lights/Diyas) throughout the “aarti” or “pooja” and evenings only if necessary. Replace ancient bulbs like incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL).Use energy economical CFL tubes rather than bulbs to avoid wasting electricity. colored papers can even be wrapped on bulbs to offer additional colors instead of shopping for costly bulbs.

2.WELCOME RANGOLI – Use should only use natural perishable colors for creating Rangoli like turmeric, henna, mehendi, rice powder, gulaal. Such colors don’t create a threat to human health and don’t have an effect on the surroundings additionally. 

3.BAN PLASTICS – Offerings, Prasad, fruits that are carried to pandals are thrown here and there as garbage. no one takes care of that and it pollutes the surroundings. therefore Say No to Plastic baggage. Instead artifact luggage may be inspired that is incredibly comfy to hold, perishable and might be reused later. Discourage the employment of Plastic luggage for disposing “Nirmalya” and alternative offerings and these ought to be disposed in a very poke. Use natural plates like banana leaves rather than plastic plates for distributing Prasad. Disposable, non perishable plates, plastic sheets etc have an effect on the surroundings.

4. ORGANIC MATERIALS –  Collect individually when the festivals, the offerings of flowers, garlands typically known as “Nirmalya” and alternative organic material and place them in a very community designed compost pit. This compost material may be accustomed fertilize your garden. If you want to immerse them, wrap them in newspapers rather than polyethylene luggage as paper is perishable. Dried flowers may be used later to form natural colors or ornamental paper for gifts. 

5.ECO-FRIENDLY VISERJAN – : Rather than immersing Ganesh idol in a very water body, it may be symbolically immersed reception. Some folks use a metal or stone idol and symbolically immerse this in a very bucket of water, or maybe carry it in procession to the ocean, hold it beneath the water, so bring it back home for successive year. A edible seed in situ of the particular idol may be immersed in a very bucket of water. otherwise of immersion may be sprinkling many drops of water on the idol so wiping it off and keeping it for next year’s use.

This is how the Ganpati Festival is celebrated all over the world. This festival brings joy all over the air and makes holy place to live on.

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