How can a constant peer pressure on teenagers lead to stress?

peer pressure on teens

Teens now-a-days are under constant pressure – that is to perform good academically, to be on their own person ,Be independent of their parents and guardians, and to deal with the hormonal and physical changes that are facing their bodies. And all above, teens are also under constant scrutiny from their classmates, and are often subject to building pressure to fit in or do things that earn them approval from their peers. The constant peer pressure to fit in and to gain approval can be a building block for many teenagers, ultimately leading to stress,depression and other mental health issues.What is stress?

Signs that a teen may be suffering from stress include:

1.Feeling sadness, irritability, or lack of energy.

2.Differences in sleep patterns or eating habits.

3.Rapidly weight loss or weight gain.

4.Lack of interest in favorite activities to do.

5.Feelings of guilt or self-hatred.

6.Complaints of being bored or unengaged.

7.Sudden drops in academic performance/grades.

8.Thinking of self-harm or suicide.

Below are a few methods for parents to help their teen say no to peer pressure:

young female friends having conversation sitting in armchairs in room

1.Don’t lecture your teen, talk to them. To have an effective conversation, create a two-way dialogue with your teen instead of just telling them what they should do or how they should react in certain situations.

2.It’s never too late to start the conversation, or too early. Talk often and openly about over-the-counter cough medicine abuse and other risky behaviors with your teen.

3.Give your teen the tools they need to make healthy decisions. Empower them to say no and inform them about the health risks associated with medicine abuse.

4.Know the signs of abuse; monitor your medicine cabinet and your teen’s on and offline activities. If you suspect they are abusing cough medicine, talk to them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

5.Talk through ways your teen can handle different scenarios in which their friends are peer pressuring them to engage in risky behaviors such as drug or medicine abuse. Help them devise an “exit” plan in case they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation with their peers.

This is how a parent/gaurdian can help a teen to overcome through stress/mental health issues.Peer pressure can rule a teens brain and can affect their body mentally or physically.

Try this exercise to overcome or to prevent a teen go through stress/depression.


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