Strap in and get ready to blast off here are 12 amazing space facts. to discover the story behind Earth’s moon how a single teaspoon can weigh a billion tons and how our galaxy is heading on a deadly collision alone with other incredible facts.

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12.Blue sunset on Mars :

people are used to a beautiful sunset that’s painted in hues of orange red and yellow on Mars however the normally pinkish red sky turns blue as the Sun goes down under the horizon it’s because Mars is much farther away from the Sun than Earth making the sunlight less intense the fine dust in the Martian atmosphere absorbs the blue light and gets rid of the warmer colours that you typically see on earth whether it’s blue or yellow both sunsets look spectacular.

Night Sky

11.Exploration of the planets :

full exploration of the planets humans have been exploring space for over 60 years and the effort has certainly paid off all the planets in our solar system have now been explored even the dwarf planets of Pluto and Ceres most of the exploration was done by NASA’s Voyager program which began in 1977 Voyager 1 and 2 collected information on the planets their moons and their unique system of rings and magnetic fields these twin spacecraft continue to send data back to earth and Voyager 1 is currently in it stellar space.

10.Giant water reservoir :

:In 2011 astronomers discovered an enormous water reservoir simply floating in space around a super massive black hole called a quasar floating water vapours have been found throughout the universe but they aren’t that common this particular reservoir holds around 140 trillion times the amount of water in Earth’s oceans it’s one of the oldest largest and at more than 12 billion light-years away it’s the farthest known to humankind.

9.Sound in space :

On earth sound waves make air molecules vibrate which is why we’re able to hear sound other planets and moons allow sound to travel through mediums like their atmospheres and oceans – in space though it’s said that there is no sound since there aren’t any molecules to vibrate and deliver sound waves however not all researchers agree on this given that space isn’t just a desolate vacuum in between the emptiness there are clouds of gas and other stray particles so depending on where you are sound waves can be possible.

Northen lights

8.Hottest planet :

The hottest planet out discovered in 2017 Celt 9b is the hottest planet we know of next time you’re complaining about the heat on a scorching summer day just remember that temperatures on this planet can reach seven thousand eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit that’s because Celt 9b orbits really close to its star which is called Celt nine this thing is way hotter and bigger than our side experts believe that the giant star might someday evaporate the entire planet with its intense heat kind of a sizzling solar sauna.

Space facts

7.Space trash :

Trash isn’t just a problem in Earth’s ocean cities and forests there is a thing called space junk which is any human-made object that’s been left in space and now serves no purpose there’s also natural debris from meteoroids and other cosmic objects there are currently over 500,000 pieces of space debris orbiting the earth at speeds high enough to cause significant damage if they were to collide with a spacecraft or satellite NASA does its best to track every single object to ensure that missions outside Earth can reach their destination safely.

6.Countless amounts of stars :

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and tried to count all the stars yeah good luck our galaxy the Milky Way not the candy bar the galaxy has about 100 billion stars what other estimates put it at over 200 billion since calculating the exact amount is an almost impossible task even for astronomers as for the entire universe there are at least a billion trillion stars that’s a 1 with 21 zeroes after it or comparison that means there are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on all of Earth’s beaches.

5.The moon was a piece of Earth :

 When the planets in the solar system were just starting to form earth didn’t have a moon for the longest time it took a hundred million years for our natural satellite to appear there are several theories as to how the moon came into existence but the prevailing one is the fish in theory is that where somebody went fishing caught the moon on a hook and dragged it over into Earth’s orbit no we made that up, the fishing theory proposes that the moon was formed when an object collided with earth sending particles flying about gravity pulled the particles together and the moon was created it eventually settled down on to Earth’s elliptical plane which is the Path the moon orbits.

4.Cosmic lighthouses :

Among the most spectacular looking space objects are pulsars pulsars are a type of neutron star they shoot out some of their material almost at the speed of light regular pulsars spin at a reasonable speed between about one tenth to sixty times per second but millisecond pulsars can spin at an impressive 700 times a second which is way too fast for the human eye to even process as they spin they emit a beam of radiation from their axis that looks like the light from a lighthouse astronomers can notice pulsars when they face earth since it looks like a light being shined on our planet when the light shines elsewhere the Pulsar can’t be seen.

3.The biggest volcano : 

Mars houses the biggest volcano in the solar system well everything seems to be calm on Mars nowadays in the past some sort of force caused enormous volcanoes to form in erupt one of these volcanoes is Olympus Mons it’s 16 miles tall which is the height of 3 Mount Everest sand 374 miles across making it about the size of Arizona the volcano Groot is such a gargantuan size because of the weak gravity on Mars and the lack of tectonic plate movement.

2.The Milky Way and Andromeda collision : 

Space image

 The sky might appear pretty peaceful if you look at it from Earth but the Milky Way is headed for a massive collision with the Andromeda galaxy 4 billion years from now set your alarm these galaxies will meet and neither will survive stars will be scrambled and constellations will be undone eventually the two giants will merge and form an elliptical galaxy but according to National Geographic our Sun and earth will survive thank goodness any life-forms on earth will be treated to a splendid sight the galaxies come together.

1.The densest objects :

In space neutron stars are the size of a small city yet their mass is about 1.4 times and that of the Sun they’re formed when massive stars die. Their cores collapse in on themselves the core continues to press in on itself until all the electrons are essentially crushed together leaving only neutrons . This makes neutron stars one of the densest objects in the universe in fact a single teaspoon of neutron star  material would weigh a billion tons of course getting this sample and returning it back to earth might be a difficult task since the gravity on a neutron star is 2 billion times stronger than the gravity on our planet.

Space Image

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